Styling your wedding

Today I am focusing on how to style your wedding and I’ve included some tips to help get you started. As a wedding stylist, I’ve always known that styling a wedding is something much more just the overall look of the day. The venue you choose, the music you select, the invitations you send, right down to your food choices are all reflections of you and your partner. All these details will come together to create a unifying story to make your day extra special.

Your location doesn’t need to dictate every aspect of your day, but you should let it guide you in some sort of direction. If you chose your venue based on the amazing library area where your reception will be, pick out the key colours to compliment the room such as the deep red book covers or the gold ornate ceiling lights.


Pinterest offers so much inspiration and is one of the best places to build your wedding vision and mood board, but do be careful as you will find yourself pinning pretty pictures of weddings that do not tie in with your theme. My advice would be to stick to a colour palette and do not be shy to let it consist of 6-7 colours. So many get hung up on colours matching perfectly and this will only result in your day looking one dimensional. A great tool for finding colours that compliment one another is Adobe Colour CC with themed colour palette. 

Happy Tuesday!